Elon Musk hints he’s replacing Twitter’s blue bird logo while moving forward with X app plans | Tech News

Elon Musk said he could replace Twitter’s blue bird logo by Monday as he pushed ahead with plans to rebrand the social network as X.

In a series of posts on his account, the billionaire said he planned to “say goodbye” to the Twitter brand and “gradually say goodbye to all the birds”.

The Tesla and SpaceX boss also shared an image of him making the X sign with his hand, as well as a promotional video of the flashing X logo.

It would be the most significant change Musk has made to the social media site since taking office. acquired the platform last October for $44bn (£38bn).

The world's richest man, who is about to buy Twitter, walks into the company's San Francisco headquarters with a sink.
Musk entered Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters with a sink before taking over

But the entrepreneur’s turnaround has been long overdue as he touts his plans Launched “X, the Everything App” Before Buying Twitter.

His idea is to combine messaging, social media, payments and functionality not dependent on advertising revenue into one super app, similar to China’s WeChat.

He teased the X’s launch in a series of Twitter posts, writing: “Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all birds.

“If the X logo is released well enough tonight, we’ll have it live globally tomorrow.”

He then shared an image of a black-and-white version of Twitter’s bird logo – which Twitter co-founder Biz Stone once named “Larry T Bird” – and commented: “Like this, but X.”

An hour later, Musk shared a short video of the X logo.

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Twitter faces competition from other companies as Musk changes its logo to an X. Meta’s new app, Threads, launched earlier this month.

Twitter responds by threatening to sue rival tech firms – Owner of Facebook and Instagram – Alleged copyright infringement.

Musk also recently launched xAI, his long-awaited artificial intelligence startup, in an attempt to create an alternative to ChatGPT.

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