Amazon strike: ‘More workers picket with every strike’

“Bosses at Amazon have been refusing to take information or listen to their employees,” said Stuart Richards, a senior GMB organizer.

“We’ve had a series of strikes in Coventry and every time we do, more and more workers come to join us on the picket line.”

Workers in Coventry went on strike for the first time in January – the first ever strike by Amazon workers in the UK.

Members have called for an hourly pay rise from £10.50 to £15 after unions branded the 50p-an-hour wage proposal “ridiculous”.

However, Amazon does not recognize the union, GMB told the BBC, and as a result, no discussions have taken place between the employer and its employees.

“Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Amazon has been refusing to engage in discussions or listen to concerns,” Mr Richards said.

“Every time we take strike action, we feel angry and resentful that the bosses simply don’t listen to them.”

More and more workers are unionizing — the site now has 700 members, about half the workforce, he said.

However, Mr Richards believes Amazon’s “ignoring” of striking workers is “starting to backfire”, with two other sites in Macclesfield and Rugeley voting to go on strike.

“At some point, it’s going to reach a point where it’s going to have such a significant impact on their business that they won’t have a choice [but to negotiate]” He said.

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